Quality IPL Hair Removal Machines

Quality IPL Hair Removal Machines

One of the fastest growing sectors in the world today is the beauty care industry with new developments and introduction of high end tools and technologies being almost a routine matter. The primary focus has been on equipment and devices that offer cutting edge treatments without the prolonged downtime and recuperation periods of the past. Issues like tattoo removal that even a few years back required painful skin grafts is today a matter of a few sessions under a laser and IPL based machine in relatively painless processes.

Given this scenario, it is no wonder that modern devices have changed the face of beauty treatments all over the world and we at IPL Machine are proud to be a part of this revolution. We are one of the leading importers and distributors of top end technologically advanced equipment for the beauty sector in Australia and have as our clients some of the leading names in this field. This is primarily because all devices imported by us are sourced from leading manufacturers in the world and are made from the best of German and Japanese components. This adds to the ruggedness and quality of the machines and hence can be trusted to deliver years of trouble free service.


The main focus and vision of our team at IPL Machine is to achieve benchmarks of excellence in customer service. In this regard, we follow a two pronged strategy.

The first is to offer our clients a wide range of devices to match any requirements that you as a salon and spa owner can possibly have. Take the case of our powerful and high performing permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation equipment that optimises beauty treatments. We offer small desktop versions that can be used in limited spaces and are quite affordable without being low in output quality or performance. The same machines are available in a higher power range so that larger salons and clinics can speed up treatment times and increase turnover of clients treated. This flexibility will enable you to use our equipment in whatever scale your establishment might be functioning in.

The second is the training programmes we offer all new buyers of our equipment. Our motive is to help familiarise you or your staff about the intricate functioning of the devices so that the treatments you offer on them are speedy, effective and safe. We even issue a Certificate of Competence so that those patronising your clinic will have the confidence that you are fully equipped to handle the complex devices.

The IPL machines that we import can be categorised into –

  • Skin rejuvenation treatments – Our machines offer advanced treatments including elimination of acne scars and spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and other age spots as well as microdermabrasion process that makes for a young and rejuvenated skin.
  • Permanent hair removal – These devices harness the power of laser and IPL beams that travel below the epidermis of the skin and burns out hair follicles. A number of sessions depending on skin and hair colour and texture are required for permanent removal.
  • Tattoo removal – These are also laser based machines where concentrated beams of light goes beneath the layer of skin and breaks up the ink into tiny fragments which are then disposed off by the body’s natural systems. Painful skin grafts are now a thing of the past.

Get in touch with us for more details on our superior equipment for various beauty processes. You will surely find one that exactly meets your requirements.

Our Features

Smart, Reliable and Advanced IPL Systems


Skin rejuvenation is an important action of upgrading looks of the human skin to youthful nature. The machines offers by us are of high-quality and utilise advanced technology that help eliminate acne scars and spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and boost collagen production and lead to a youthful, tighter and smoother looking skin.


We specialise in supplying high-end equipment to salons, spas and beauty businesses. Our hair removal machines harness the power of laser and IPL offering effective and gently remove the hair. However, a number of sessions are required for permanent hair removal.

IPL Hair Removal Machine


We supply clinics and salons across Australia with the latest tattoo removal machines with advanced technology for fast, efficient and safe tattoo removal. Our each tattoo removal machine is equipped with laser to effectively and efficiently remove unwanted tattoo and pigmentation marks.


Get in touch with us for more details on the superior equipment and get advice on machines to find one that exactly meets your requirements.

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I was looking to buy hair removal machine when I came across Universal IPL. The product is very good and they provide impeccable customer service. In-depth training was given, not only to me but my staff as well. I would highly recommend Universal IP


I will highly recommend buying aesthetic devices from Universal IPL. They provide organised training according to the skill level of your staff and for every equipment bought. I bought ultra crystal microdermabrasion machine and CaviLux fat reduction


I have been into beauty business for the past 2 years and run my beauty clinic. A couple of month’s back I received queries for tattoo removal and decided to purchase the machine. I looked at several machines and received quotes and then decided to

Michael Slats

About 3 years ago I had bought hair removal laser machine from Universal IPL. I got a free machine evaluation analysis and received training as well. 1 month back the machine broke down due to mishandling and then I had to call back Universal IPL, th

Johnathan Doe