Uni Tatt – All-Round Device for Tattoo Removal

Genlux – High Power Small Desktop Hair Reduction and Anti-Ageing Machine

One of the most common problems faced by salon and spa owners is the space required to run the establishment. You can start off with what seems to be adequate area but once a couple of standard hair removal and skin rejuvenation equipment is installed there is suddenly a shortage of working space. The main reason is the bulk and size of most devices used for cutting edge beauty treatments.

Ipl-machine is a leading importer and distributor in Australia of cutting edge beauty care treatments and offer you a complete solution and package to get around this problem. It is our desktop Genlux model that is one of the most powerful beauty care devices in its class and definitely far above what our competitors have to offer. It is based on laser and IPL It might lack in size but is not short on performance offering all the top end features of our larger models. Most importantly, it is mounted on wheels and is easily manoeuvrable from room to room, giving you the option to be flexible in designing client work stations.

Genlux – High Power Small Desktop Hair Reduction

The primary benefit of Genlux is that it offers a wide range of applications. These include –

  • All types of skin rejuvenation procedures like treatment of hyper pigmentation and exfoliation of tired and aged skin textures through removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin.
  • Elimination of freckles, wrinkles, fine lines. Acne scars, birth marks and coffee marks
  • Reduction of pigmented and vascular lesions
  • Hair removal procedures good for every hair and skin type, colour and texture

Simply by installing Genlux in your clinic you can offer your clients a wide variety of high end treatments that will surely help to take your clinic to the next level.

Genlux has top of the line features that are truly impressive –

  • Good for treatments on all types of dark and light hair and textures as well as blond hair reduction. This is possible because of its patented SPT and FCA technologies.
  • Amazing 2500w of power making it a high performing machine
  • Sourced from leading manufacturers around the world and made from the finest Japanese and German components. Xenon lamps have a life span of over 300,000 flashes
  • Quick treatment times. Light beams at 10 shots per second. More patient turnover at clinic
  • Modular design with wheels attached. Can be moved as per necessity at the clinic.

Buy Genlux and increase operational efficiencies at your beauty clinic and spa. For details, give us a call and talk to our customer care executives.