Unilux machines

Unilux – Premium Multi-Treatment System

Unilux equipment imported and distributed by ipl-machine in Australia is one of the leading machines for optimised beauty care and treatments. It is powerful and dependable and gives years of trouble free service. We are proud to say that in our client portfolio for Unilux devices we have some of the leading names in this country’s salon and spa sector.

Unilux offers a range of applications across skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal processes. A majority of such equipment from competitors cannot treat one type of hair and skin colour or texture or the other. But not Unilux, it is a highly versatile device that can maximise treatments across all sections of clients. Most importantly, Unilux operates at an astounding 3500w and between 1-10 light beam shots per second. This high speed of operations will allow you to handle more clients in a given period of time than other machines in its class.

Hence, by installing Unilux, you can substantially increase client turnover leading to business growth and development and profitability. Further, this device has low running and maintenance costs which apart from making it extremely reliable, assures years of trouble free service.

Unilux is a cut above other machines in its class offered by our competitors. This is primarily because these devices are sourced from leading manufacturers from around the globe and are made from technologically advanced components. This makes these devices powerful, high performing and absolutely safe for use.

Unilux – Premium Multi-Treatment System

The range of applications offered by Unilux is truly amazing. Consider these for a start –

Skin Rejuvenation procedures

  • Reduction of wrinkles, freckles, fine lines and crow’s feet
  • Reduction of pigmented and vascular lesions
  • Face life treatments
  • Removal of birth marks, acne scars and coffee spots
  • Microdermabrasion which is removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin, making way for increased collagen production and fresh and young skin.
  • Good for all skin colour and texture

Permanent hair removal

  • Focussed beams of light target only the area under treatment
  • No damage to surrounding skin areas.
  • Hair follicles are destroyed from the roots. Complete and permanent hair removal after a few sessions only.
  • Speed of treatments. A bikini line procedure is completed in under half an hour
  • No downtime, patients get back to normal life immediately after each session.

All these advanced treatments from Unilux have revolutionised the beauty care industry today. This is possible because of cutting edge technologies that have been incorporated in these devices.

An overall look at them will prove this point.

  • High performing 3500w of power making it one of the most powerful in its class
  • Patented SPT and FCA technology that optimises treatments regardless of the colour of hair or skin tones. Good for both dark and light skin and red or blonde hair
  • Reliable and low on maintenance, German Xenon lamps with a long life span of about 300,000 flashes
  • Sapphire + Air + Water + SPT cooling system ensure greater patient comfort and almost painless treatments without any side effects.
  • Two head pieces SHR 15*50mm2 and 12*33mm supplied as standard accessory with Unilux. Thermage Fractional RF headpiece is optional
  • Net weight is 102kg but is mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability.

When you buy Unilux from us at ipl-machine we offer specialised training course so that you and your staff can quickly get to know the operational aspects of Unilux.