Tattoo removal

World Class Tattoo Removal Device

Q-switched Laser Machines for Complete Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal has come a long way since the days of invasive surgical procedures, skin grafting or the use of infra-red lasers. Today Q-switched laser based machines from ipl-machine have totally changed the scenario. Tattoo removal now is easy, relatively painless and a few sessions are all that area required to totally eliminate a tattoo. A second tattoo can even be made on that area once the skin heals.

IPL-Machine is one of the leading importers and distributors of state of the art and technologically advanced tattoo removal machines. What makes these the best in their class and a cut above what our competitors have to offer is their ruggedness and reliability. This is because our suppliers are top names in the international beauty care industry. Hence our machines are high performing and safe and treatments with these devices are without any side effects, one reason why our client portfolio has some of the leading salons and spas in the country. Our devices are also listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Devices (ARTD).

Tattoo removal with Q-Switched laser based equipment is easier than methods practised in the past. Beams of light pulsing at nanoseconds enter the epidermis and break up the pigmented mass which is the ink. These tiny fragments are then absorbed by the body’s natural metabolism process. Even stubborn and hard to remove colours such as blue, green and fluorescent are quickly broken down and the tattoos are eliminated after a few sessions. Further, these lasers have short wavelengths and hence target the ink only, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected.

Tattoo removal machines from ipl-machine are good for a wide range of applications. Apart from removal of conventional tattoos, they are also effective in eliminating cosmetic tattoos such as permanent eye liner, lip liner and eyebrows as well as treating a variety of skin ailments.

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