Practical Training on Demo Machines

Practical Training on Demo Machines

When you as a salon and spa owner invest in a permanent hair removal or skin rejuvenation machines as well as tattoo removal equipment from ipl-machine, we feel that it is our responsibility to help you quickly learn all its operational aspects. We understand that every day spent on learning the ropes will delay your getting the maximum returns on investments. This is more so since our devices are complex and requires a thorough knowledge both theoretical and practical before you as a salon owner or your staff can operate them.

This is the primary reason why we conduct training programmes especially structured to match the machine that you have bought from us. For example if you buy a Unilux device from us for hair removal and skin rejuvenation the practical training will be done on the same demo machine. All settings and functional aspects will be explained thoroughly so that you can offer safe and effective treatment to your clients.

The course is spread out over two to three days depending on the type of machine that you purchase. In general, the programme will cover the following aspects –

  • An overall theoretical view of the functioning of laser and IPL machine and their basic technologies. Since the same is applicable across a range of devices, this module will be left out in future training courses when you next buy machines from us.

  • Different equipment has separate settings and hence you will be taken through the one corresponding to the device you have bought. This is also very crucial as the specific settings related to time of each treatment and power of the light beams depends on the colour and texture of skin and hair of different clients.

  • Notes on detailed pre-treatment consultation as the quality of the procedure will rest on skin and hair types, medication that the patient is taking and allergies that he/she is susceptible to. Only after you are able to analyse all these factors will you be able to decide on the line of treatment. This also includes imparting skill sets in patch test protocols and contraindications.

  • Crucial safety issues and what measures to take. It has to be remembered that even the slightest deviation in treatments and settings can have an adverse impact such as pigmentation and burning on the surrounding area apart from the targeted treatment space.

To know more about specific training programmes give us a call. Our consultants will be only too happy to clarify your queries. (03) 8618 6934